Hello everyone,

We are sorry to announce that there is  NO MEETING THIS WEEK, 4th March,  

OR on 18th February,

Unfortunately all the usual facilitators of the WAF meetings are not available on those evenings.

We took your suggestions from last couple of meetings to the monthly Frack Free Dee (FFD) meeting last week.

There are now many actions being progressed through the FFD coalition and we will feedback the results and any opportunities to get involved as events arise.

The next meeting is Weds 4th March, (we will email a reminder before)

Meanwhile, we need you to…

– Engage with everyone & anyone on the issue, lets have the ‘did you know…’ conversation as often as possible, and    make sure you bust any myths that people are still believing, & empower people with the truths of the issue.


We are looking forward to regrouping in March with the next leafleting campaign, public speeches, and how we are moving forward united.

In Solidarity,

Wirral Against Fracking


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