The election is just weeks away. With MP candidates going all out to win our votes, this is a huge opportunity to push fracking up the political agenda.

Can you ask your local candidates to promise to oppose fracking if they’re elected? Click the link and enter your postcode to get started:


David Cameron’s plan to force fracking on us has already faced a huge political backlash. Dozens of influential politicians have spoken out against his reckless dash for shale gas. And in Scotland and Wales, ministers have blocked the industry from drilling.

But the bans in Scotland and Wales are only temporary. And in the rest of the UK, anything could happen after the general election. These next few weeks could make all the difference. If we can persuade hundreds of election candidates to declare opposition to fracking in their constituencies, it could spark a chain reaction — triggering hundreds more to take a stand too.

See who’s promised to oppose fracking, and ask your MP candidates to get involved.

Whoever’s running the country after May will have it in their power to set the UK on a different path. Instead of locking us into risky fracking, they could choose glorious green renewable energy. They could lead the way to a future where people’s health and the needs of our planet are put before the profits of the fossil fuel industry.

Let’s keep the pressure on to make it happen, so please share this!

PS. Here is an interactive map to show which local election candidates have promised to oppose fracking. Follow this link to visit the map and ask your candidate MPs to oppose fracking if they’re electedhttps://secure.greenpeace.org.uk/fracking-election

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